Meet the family!

Hey there, I am Dorie, I have been in and out of the cleaning business for almost 40 years. It just keeps calling me back!! I started HeyDay in 2017 back in Maine with my daughter Taylor. Then life happened… Fast forward to 2021, we started the business back up. Primarily in NH this time. Taylor had a baby (see photos) and had to take time off. Since Bennett is getting older now she is able to help out every now and then. And we absolutely love it when she does!  Our Logo was made by my son Cameron and my husband is the backbone of this company. He does anything and everything to keep us going! Our daughter, Leah, unfortunately , has moved on to other endeavors.And our son Nick loves to be involved and to check out all gorgeous homes that we clean when it is permitted!!  HeyDay is my passion, I love it, I love what I do, I love the people I do it for. I love everything about it! 🥰 and I am so thankful for this amazing family that has some hand in it in one way or another!

We like to stay involved and with the Hands I have now to help, we'd love to do more in the community! If you know someone in need of our services please reach out! I want to be able to do more for more people. And if you have any interest in helping out we would love to accept and acknowledge you!! 

We are a direct affiliate of Amy's Treat, one of my proudest accomplishments in this business! Please take a moment and check out their website

If you are able to go to any of their events even, it is so worth it!! Simply amazing!!